I believe that gratitude is a wonderful thing to feel and to also receive.  It means that there is a give and take involved with another human being. That you are receiving something, but also giving something that allows you to feel grateful in return (or vice versa). This weekend was my Senior Project Dance Concert which involved many different elements working up to it that caused me to feel quite insane a number of times, but the actual concert was such a wonderful experience. The concert included a piece that I choreographed, plus a solo that I danced myself- plus the choreography and solos of four other seniors that I shared the concert with. Having the opportunity to share and present my work and dancing in this manner was such a privilege, and I finished this weekend feeling utterly grateful for the many people in my life, and the gift of dancing that I am able to share with others.

Feeling gratitude in my dancing is not something I have felt quite often. However, as I was dancing my solo for the last time on Saturday evening, that was exactly what I was overcome with. Receiving support from many family members, friends, and classmates was an overwhelming and humbling thing, and my heart was filled with joy to know that my dancing was greeted with support and warmth, allowing me to truly dance from the heart.

So perhaps take a moment to wrap yourself in the feeling of gratitude, and share a little of that feeling with those around you whether through words, actions, or the expressive nature of dancing.



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