About Me

Hello there! My name is Victoria, and I am currently a Senior within the Conservatory of Dance at SUNY Purchase College. I call Pennsylvania home, but over the past four years New York has definitely grown on me. It certainly is a place where the dance world thrives which is so exciting (but also slightly intimidating) to be a part of. Within these years that I have spent in the Conservatory of Dance, literally every day is dedicated to dancing, and the many emotions, struggles, and joys that come along with it. It has been a hard path to follow, but I honestly would not go back and change it.

Some fun facts about me:

-I’m a vegetarian and have been for about 8 years. I love my fruits and veggies and nothing can compete with a big ol’ salad chock full of my favorite things. (Don’t get me wrong though, I love chocolate too…)

-I adore animals and have a slight obsession with Golden Retrievers. I may be biased because I used to have two, but who doesn’t want to cuddle with an adorable furball?

-I have an older sister who is my best friend, and has been since…. well whenever she decided to accept the fact that I was born.

-My parents are the cutest and most supportive people you could hope to find, but also the most protective.

I love to laugh, and I swear if you share a smile with someone, even a stranger, it will brighten their day.



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