Like Magic to the Body

Poster for a concert
Purchase Cares: A Benefit Concert for Dancers Responding to AIDS

Last night was a magical experience, so let me try and explain why.  There was a benefit concert held at my college for Dancers Responding to Aids. This concert featured dance pieces, musical performances and collaborations of the different arts; all created specifically for the concert, and to raise money for this cause. Overall, the concert and online fundraising prior to the show raised almost $3,000 for the organization! It is a pretty amazing thing when you realize that you can use your art for a good cause, and help to make a difference. That is one of the many reasons I love what I do.

I had the privilege of performing in a piece alongside my entire Senior dance class of 2016 (which consists of 32 dancers). We realized that it was the first time (and also the last since graduation is in 2 weeks) that we had all actually been able to perform together in the same piece. Although we always have technique classes together throughout the week, performing is just such a different and invigorating experience.

The greatest aspect of it, was that we all felt an incredible supportive and loving energy that was spread across that stage as we performed alongside each other. Every single one of us was smiling at one another and really connecting on stage. That is 32 authentic smiles all in one space at the same time. Now I call that powerful. The energy that was in the theater I can only define as the feeling of magic crackling through the air, into our muscles, and our hearts. I hope the audience was able to feel the magic, but I know that 32 unique and amazing dancers sure did.

I just thought I would share this experience while it is still fresh in my memory.



Love is in the Air

You did it. You survived Valentine’s Day. Whether you are single, in a relationship, in a “complicated” relationship, in  a “it’s not yet a relationship” relationship, in a “we are just talking” relationship, or a “I wish I was in a relationship with you, but you don’t know I exist” relationship, you probably thought about a special someone, or a few special someones this past Valentine’s Day.  Past or present, feelings that you have for another human being are sure to show up and remind you that “I am here” on this special day whether you welcome them or not.

But it is okay. These feelings remind is that we are alive, that at some point love will touch us all, and although it is frightening, annoying, and exhilarating all at the same time, it is a beautiful thing. As much as we may want to say sometimes that we don’t need love, or that it doesn’t exist, we all know that is a lie. Even if it is the love you have for your family, your friends, or your pets, love is necessary and assists us all through the hard times in life.

Just as love shown in everyday life, love shown through dance is a beautiful thing. Have you ever danced with your crush or significant other? Wasn’t it nerve-wracking, but magical and super fun all at the same time? I honestly can say that I never have had as much fun as when I was dancing with a guy I had feelings for. As an enthusiast and practitioner of ballroom dancing for many years, I became used to enjoying dancing with anyone. However, when I had the opportunity to dance with someone I viewed at a different level, everything was enhanced by quite a percentage.

Check out this beautiful video that uses dancing as a means to accentuate the love that these couples share towards each other. A clear example of how dance speaks louder than words.