Inspiration is Everywhere

In the dance world, where we are constantly moving, thinking, and creating, we can find inspiration in many different places. Actually, inspiration can be found everywhere- you just have to be open to the world and everything around you, in order to see it.  When creating movement or a dance piece, it is easy to look in obvious places for a basis of movement, such as: your own life experiences, a favorite object, emotion, or story, or even a significant event that has happened in your life. However, branching out into different and more uncharted territories can make for quite a wonderful discovery. Subjects such as: a certain sound, nature, or another means of art-such as a painting, can help you think about movement creation in a new light, and allow for a deeper search and new meaning.

Take this painting “Colleen” by Iris Scott for example:


One could analyze this piece of art in the usual, factual sense of a painting analysis. Obviously we see a girl, she is outdoors, surrounded by different elements of nature. The falling leaves inform us that it is fall, and the umbrella and rain boots give off the sense that it is raining.  However, if we take a more in-depth look, with an eye for dance creation involved, we can look a bit deeper. The varying layers of colors and shading used in this painting allow us to use our imaginative side and envision the many different emotions or aspects that these shadings represent. For example, we could look at the progression of colors as a basis for a story line or pathway of movement structure. Each color could represent a different emotion or quality, or a certain movement gesture. The floating quality given to the leaves could also be an element which translates into a form of movement. And in addition, the rainy setting can set forth a certain vibe. Anything you observe can be related in a new sense and rediscovered as movement as long as you can visualize it in your mind, or physicalize it in your body.

The art form of dance is quite a unique medium and important means of expression. The ability to communicate anything through movement is certainly a gift that should not be stunted. It is a beautiful thing when you can see an idea, thought, emotion, or object portrayed in a new and fresh light right before your eyes. Plus, the unique thing about dance is that, unlike this painting which will be here forever, it is fleeting and can only be viewed and embraced in a single moment.